Jamaican Heros and Role Models: Nikiki T. Bogle

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Nikiki T. Bogle is a Jamaican hero and role model because of her work championing education in the island and for her many accomplishments in business and the legal profession. Her early childhood years were spent in Kingston Jamaica where she attended St. Hugh’s High School. She eventually migrated to the United States where she now works as managing partner at law firm Bogle & Chang, LLC.

The Caribbean Education Foundation (“CEF”) was founded in 2007 by Nikiki T. Bogle. The organization has done work to address three education issues in Jamaica: (1) many smart children pass the high school entrance exams but are unable to attend because their families lack the necessary funds; (2) the learning of many students is hampered by poor nutrition; and (3) schools do not have computers necessary for classroom instruction.

The issues being tackled by Nikiki T. Bogle through her leadership of CEF are vital to the future of Jamaica. Many thousands of students in the island at the grade nine level cannot read, overall attendance at school is poor and few secondary school graduates are qualified for a job or to enter tertiary education institutions.

Each year her organization provides scholarships to needy students. This year is no different and the CEF is presently on a drive to fund the education of 30 students. You can support the drive by going to http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/send-a-poor-child-to-high-school-in-jamaica/ and making a donation. In addition to scholarships, CEF provides meal grants to students and donates computers to schools in Jamaica.

One recipient of a CEF scholarship is Ravorn Campbell who attends Calabar High School. His family lives in Riverton City as squatters in a landfill. His education represents hope that there can be better days for himself and his family. The efforts of the organization have also created opportunities for many other children with similar stories of hardship.

In 2011 the work of Nikiki T. Bogle was recognized when she was awarded a New York State Assembly Citation by Bronx Assemblyman, Hon. Eric Stevenson. The award was partly based on her work in helping poor children in Jamaica to receive a good education.

Under the stewardship of Nikiki T. Bogle, CEF plans to expand its education programs into other Caribbean and developing nations.

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  • Marcia Higgs-Rodriquez

    Nikiki Bogle… it is said that Acknowledgment makes accomplishments even sweeter and so, I wanted to take this moment to extend acknowledgments to you!!! I was very thrilled to learn that you’re being recognized for your hard work and benevolence, because, of course, it is very well deserved!!! So yes, CONGRATULATIONS are in order for ALL that you do and keep striving for high ideals, because the BEST is yet to come!!! :)

    Marcia Higgs-Rodriquez

  • Sharaefa Shakur-Lamarre

    CONGRATS on your accomplishments and the recognition, Nikiki Bogle! You truly deserve it!

  • Akar Bekhit

    Congrats Nikiki, from Akar Bekhit in North Hollywood, CA!

  • Guest

    AS the grand daughter of the late great god father of reggae -the legendary ((JOE HIGGS )) and the great…… grand daughter of our beloved hero,the right honourable mr PAUL BOGLE,we could not have ask for nothing less.I must say huge honour and respect,for the great work and achievement ,and the accomplishment,you have been full filling , many thanks for the observers ,who recognise,your effort and consistencies to give you NIKIKI-T-BOGLE such recognition.IF i must say keep on flourishing,and we will do our endeavor best in what ever way we can, to help you getting this global.


    AS the grand daughter, of the late great god father of reggae ((JOE HIGGS,))and the great…….. grand daughter of our honourable hero(( MR PAUL BOGLE)) we could not have ask for less,BUT if i must say a huge honour and respect,for your hard work and achievement ,and for those who has found the time to recognise the great work that you are doing, and to give you the recognition you truly deserved.MISS NIKIKI-T-BOGLE.WE will do all we can, to help you get this programme global.may you continue to flourish,and expand,our children is our future.ONE LOVE.

  • Jermaine Rodriquez

    Okaaay! This is very impressive! Kudos to you, Nikiki Bogle, keep up the excellent work!

  • Claudia Higgs-Donovan

    Congratulations Nikiki Bogle! CEF is doing great things for children in Jamaica! Recognition well deserved!

  • Anna Fisher

    Congratulations, well deserved!

  • Jamaican Eyedoll

    Big up ya self Nikiki Bogle! Congrats & much Respect!

  • Nadeen Robinson

    congrats NIkiki!!.. u r indeed a role model!!!